Jun 2018

Sticker Shock

I’d like to go a little deeper and add some color to my first blog post, The OEM Trap, by explaining exactly how much money it’s costing dealers. How Much Does It Cost? If we take Ford and FordDirect as an example, and round a few numbers to make the math easier, let’s say there are 3,000 dealers coerced into The Trap through Ford’s coop programs. If these dealers spend


Jun 2018

The OEM Trap

Most car dealers struggle with their marketing, and digital marketing in particular. This is understandable, digital marketing is complex and constantly evolving. Just keeping up with all of the changes is a challenge for full time marketers, let alone for dealers who have a lot of hats to wear. It doesn’t help that their own manufacturers are screwing them too. The OEM Trap It goes something like this. Dealers have