Sep 2018

Just One Look

What can you learn from just one look? Quite a lot For example, a quick glance at this search query report for one of my new clients with their name and models changed will tell you volumes. 1. Dodge is the first keyword for this dealer and has the most searches, but only got 10 clicks? The dealer ranks in the middle of page 1 on Google, so what’s the

If your store’s results are flat or off a little bit, it’s time you get out of your automotive mindset and start listening to the computer guy. Does this story sound familiar? “John Doe,” a software developer and digital marketer by trade, had never worked in automotive retail before and was surprised by the resistance he received from his peers at the dealership about digital marketing and advertising on new


Jul 2018

Show Me the Ups!

You want to see the Ups? Here’s the Ups! Over my years in the car business I have spoken to literally thousands of Dealers, GMs, GSMs, Salesmen, and OEMs. And they have all told me the same thing, “Chip, you need to make it simple for us, we’re car guys!” Well, today I’m happy to say, “Ok, you want it, you got it!” Just look at the picture above. Guys,

When people ask me, “Chip, what do you do?” my standard format one sentence reply is something like this, “I’m a digital marketing consultant who helps car dealers with their Google and Facebook Analytics so they can make data-driven decisions.” Sounds good, but what does that really mean to the average car guy? Unfortunately, not much. So I’m giving you some examples of what I did yesterday for a client.

Google Analytics is not plug-n-play. There’s more to it than just having your website provider add some code to your dealership’s website. A lot more. In fact, if you’re a car dealer and you haven’t enabled these eight features, it’s costing you money because you’re wasting your time looking at metrics that are misleading. But we’re going to fix that. So, follow along and you’ll be on your way to