If your store’s results are flat or off a little bit, it’s time you get out of your automotive mindset and start listening to the computer guy. Does this story sound familiar? “John Doe,” a software developer and digital marketer by trade, had never worked in automotive retail before and was surprised by the resistance he received from his peers at the dealership about digital marketing and advertising on new


Jul 2018

Show Me the Ups!

You want to see the Ups? Here’s the Ups! Over my years in the car business I have spoken to literally thousands of Dealers, GMs, GSMs, Salesmen, and OEMs. And they have all told me the same thing, “Chip, you need to make it simple for us, we’re car guys!” Well, today I’m happy to say, “Ok, you want it, you got it!” Just look at the picture above. Guys,

Want to know how you can see your competitor’s Facebook Ads? Ever wonder what the dealer down the street that’s killing it is doing that you’re not? Then you’re in luck. Here’s how you do it: Logon to Facebook Go to your competitor’s page Select Info and Ads Facebook will show you all of the ads your competitor is currently running. This is a great way to find out: The