If looking at numbers is boring for you

you need better numbers.


We get it, you didn’t get into the car biz because you love stats.

In fact, you’re probably drowning in numbers.

What’s worse, every day the automotive advertising hype vendors kick out new metrics, claiming they are the key to your success.

And if you’ll just give them a little more money, more sales will follow.

But they never seem to.


Because the game is rigged against you and you don’t have the tools to win.

And that’s why we started Torque Analytics, to give dealers the tools and expertise they need to cut through the noise.

As dealer analytics experts, we don’t have a stake in how much money you spend or who you spend it with.

All we care about is giving you the information you need to select the best options for your dealership.

We’re not going to promise that you’ll fall in love with stats either, but that’s ok, that’s our job.

But we will promise to set up your analytics so that you get the most bang for your marketing buck.

And we’re pretty sure when we’re done, you will love looking at the one number that really matters, your sales.