Jul 2018

Show Me the Ups!

You want to see the Ups? Here’s the Ups!

Over my years in the car business I have spoken to literally thousands of Dealers, GMs, GSMs, Salesmen, and OEMs.

And they have all told me the same thing, “Chip, you need to make it simple for us, we’re car guys!”

Well, today I’m happy to say, “Ok, you want it, you got it!”

Just look at the picture above.

Guys, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

You can now manage your monthly ad budgets on the back of a napkin.

In seconds.


With a Cost Per Up marketing strategy.

Think about that for a moment. Cost Per Up, or CPU for short.

Sure, we talk about leads all the time, but what does every Dealer, GM, GSM, Sales Manager and Salesman really want?

They want Ups!

Phone calls, texts, chats and lead forms are nice, but what you really want is more live, breathing, human beings interested in buying your cars standing in front of you and walking on to your lot.

You want Ups!

And now you can have them.

Real in-market buyers for your brand, your make and your model that have been to your website, looked at your inventory, and walked on to your lot.


Look at the picture above again.

Those aren’t made up numbers and I can prove it.

If you want to sell 100 cars a month, divide that by your normal walk-in closing rate. Most dealers do a pretty darn good job closing people once they’re on their lot. If you close 1 out of 3 people to your lot now, that gives you a 33% closing rate.

100 divided by .33 equals 300, which is the number of Ups you need to sell 100 cars.

Ok, so it’s actually 303. But that’s a funny looking number, and you’re cars guys, so I rounded to make the math easier for you.

Now all you have to do is take the number of Ups you need to hit your sales goal, 300, and multiply that by your Cost Per Up, or CPU. At $50 an Up, that works out to $15,000.

Bang, you just did your monthly ad spend budget on the back of a napkin in seconds!

This works out to a Cost Per Sale of only $150!

That beats the living hell out of NADA’s average $665 per copy.

Even if you only close 1 out of 4 visitors to your lot, your Cost Per Sale is only $200 per copy and still one third of NADA’s average.

Think about it.

No more boring meetings with vendors going over BS numbers you don’t understand or care about. No more Impressions, Clicks, VDPs, Engagement, Attribution, blah, blah, blah. No more guessing how to spend your money.

You want to sell 100 cars?

You need 300 Ups at a Cost Per Up of $50 and a monthly budget of $15,000.

Want to sell 150 cars?

You need 450 Ups at a Cost Per Up of $50 and a monthly budget of $22,500.

Want to sell 200 cars?

Ok, I hope by now you get the idea.

So, how does this work?

How can you buy Ups for $50 each?

I’ll be happy to explain all the details. But you’re going to have to call me at 949.910.0421 or email me at chip@torqueanalytics.com.

Remember, you wanted me to make it easy for you.

So I’m going to keep my side of the bargain and not force you to read a whole bunch of details.

But during our call I promise to show you how simple the strategy is with an overview you can easily understand.

Of course if you want to drill down to the details I’ll be happy to explain those too.

So stop wasting money on snake oil and things with vendors you know don’t work. Start spending your money getting what you really want…


Call me now at 949.910.0421 or email me at chip@torqueanalytics.com.

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